Reliable and fast dumpster rental Montana


Dumpster Rentals for Every Project

Do you have an upcoming project that involves having trash all around the place? Our dumpsters are perfect for such occasions for example


Moving to a new place

Moving can be stressful, the easy part is packing all the things but when you are finished with that, all the trash and stuff you don’t need any more are still waiting for you. That’s when we come in just rent one of our dumpsters and we will take care of the rest.

House party

House parties are known to have a lot of trash laying around after its finished. Depending on the scale of the party you probably could fill up one of 10 yard dumpsters. They are very affordable and you don’t need to think later on where are you going to put all that trash.

Getting rid of old things

If you have a backyard surely you will find some old things you don’t need anymore. You can always throw it in trash sure but what if it’s too big for the trash can? Then you call us and rent a dumpster any size you need at a very affordable price.

Save Money and Time on Your Dumpster Rental

If you don’t want to spend a whole lot of money on dumpster rental services and want to save much time as you can, you came to the right place. We offer the most affordable prices in the city of Montana. We are giving discounts for long-time customers. We have a high quality customer service. Knowing that time is valuable to our customer we are trying to save as much as we can to help the client and us too. Time is very precious and we don’t like to waste it. When you need to rent a roll off dumpster for waste disposal, look no further than Jux2 Dumpster rental service, they have been in the recycling and waste disposal business for years and they are a leader in their field. They make renting a roll off unit quick and painless. The process is straight forward and everyone there is friendly and knowledgeable. Recycling is the key to a cleaner earth and a healthier world. 

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Why Rent From Us

We don’t need to convince you that we are the best, our reputation speaks for itself. Over the 10 years, we are working we made over a 100.000 people satisfied with our services. We offer a large selection of dumpsters, one of the bigger in the city if not the biggest selection. Our prices are very affordable some people even call it cheap compared to other rental services in Montana.


Montana Dumpster Rentals

In Montana, the demand for dumpster rental services 10 years ago was very low compared to today’s demand which is insane and we are thankful to every customer that comes to us for our services. There are just a few dumpster rental services in Montana, but not even one of them comes close to our standards in quality of service. All of our dumpsters are made out of the highest quality metal to make sure to endure all the waste that you throw in them.



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    Running The Business Alone

    Throughout these 10 years of running the dumpster rental business, I had my father beside me the whole time. Without him, I probably would not even start the business. Back then I had no job and no money, my dad invested all the money he had into in and now after 10 years running it together I have to do it all by myself because he decided to retire. His time has come to enjoy the rest of his life, probably going on fishing trips not worrying about the company. I am now a grown man who is more than capable of running the business alone. These past 10 years thought me a lot of things and I am confident going into this alone.

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    Being One of The Best

    We try not to call ourselves the best one because when you do, you stop improving the business and that’s when the others can catch up to you. Dumpster Rental ServicesWe are always trying to improve as a company and not just by buying new equipment but improving the quality of our service and teaching new employees everything we have learned through these 10 years to better the service quality. We never had a complaint from a customer, we know that we are doing a great job and we know that because nowadays when a new customer comes and we ask them how did they find us, most of the time the answer is that some our previous customer recommended us because he/she was pleased with the service we provided.

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    Montana Rental Services

    The decision to start dumpster rental business in Montana was made by me and my father over 11 years ago. He didn’t like his job and wanted to quit and start his own business for a long time, but he never knew what he actually wants to do. Until one day when I overheard some guy on the streets saying that a dumpster rental service could bring a lot of money because at that time there was only one rental place in Montana and it was pretty small. I decided to tell that idea to my father knowing he would love it. That’s how it all began, my dad quit his job and invested into the dumpster business. At first, our business was not big, we had two trucks and 5 dumpsters one of each size.